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PO BOX 876
WILTON, ME 04294
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Phone: (207) 645-4779
Fax: (207) 645-3704

In my office: Kathy Durrell, Susan Labbe, William Hodgkins, Kirsten Pomeroy

Committed to service

I'm proud to have had the opportunity to serve my clients for over 20 years. I enjoy working with educators and helping ensure they have the coverage that is right for them. I treat my clients the way I would like to be treated and do everything I can to assist them with their insurance and retirement planning options.

I hold regular office hours and am also available by appointment.


  • University of Maine - Farmington -B.S., Social Science

Awards & Recognition

  • Auto Agent of the Month
  • Annuity Quality Agent of the Year

Schools I serve

I serve schools in the following districts:
Regional School Unit numbers 9, 10, 13, 17, 44, 54, 58, 59, 74, 78 and 83.

I also serve Region 9’s School of Applied Technology and Region 11’s Oxford Hills Technical School.  

Franklin Somerset Federal Credit Union members ...

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