What do I do if I do not see my security image and phrase?

If you do not see your image, do not enter your password, exit the site immediately, and start the process again. If you linked to horacemann.com or directly to the Customer Care Center from an e-mail or other source, please access the site directly via horacemann.com to assure you are not linking to an unauthorized site. If you do not see your security image after taking the direct route, contact Customer Care Center toll free at 800-999-1030 as soon as possible so we can verify your information and determine the problem.

Why do I have to select a security image and security phrase?

With the rise of identity theft, we have added an additional security set at registration. You only need to select the security image and phrase one time. Then you just need to make sure you see your image and phrase each time you login. When you see your image and phrase, you can be assured that you are accessing the official Horace Mann site and can provide you personal information without concern for the security of that information. Our site features Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect the personal information our clients provide. Use our site with full confidence.

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