Do you like spending money on medical bills?
We didn't think so.

    Direct cash payments you control could
    be helpful when you experience:

  •  A hospital confinement
  •  Observation in a hospital
  •  Advanced imaging such as CT or MRI
  •  An ambulance trip
  •  Emergency care

In these uncertain times, preparation is more important than ever. Costs associated with a trip to the hospital can be a challenge. Should you or a family member need hospital care, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to cover medical bills. A hospital insurance policy could help by providing benefits directly to you so that you can decide how to use them. And benefits can be paid in addition to employer-sponsored or other coverage.

Did you know?

12.6 million+

In 2016, there were 145.6 million visits to the Emergency Department in the U.S. which resulted in 12.6 million hospital admissions.**

6.1 days

According to the CDC, the average length of a hospital stay in the U.S. is 6.1 days.*


Average cost of a hospital visit per day in the U.S.**


Hospital care paid for by primary health insurance providers in the U.S.**

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National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company, a Horace Mann company, underwrites Horace Mann supplemental insurance products.

*CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, 2017

**, America’s Debt Help Organization, 2017

WBGL-0146 (Oct. 20)

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