Have you ever felt your classroom was your second home? After all, you spend enough time there for it to feel like one. So, why not make your classroom as uniquely yours as possible? 

We’ve gathered some great ideas to pass along to you from our Educator Advisory Panel research and feedback, our Pinterest peers and other educator experts to help you give your classroom character and tap your students’ creativity.

Safety Comes First

Regardless of how you add your own design touches, every classroom should be clean and uncluttered, first and foremost:

  • Arrange desks to ensure every student is visible from the front of the room.
  • Keep high traffic areas open and free of congestion.
  • Provide enough space for students to store their belongings.   
  • Store art supplies, science supplies and breakable items in safe places.
  • Keep windows and exits unobstructed.

If your school permits, abandon the standard drab, and paint your walls with a color scheme you like. Then, make use of all the space the walls provide:  hang up posters, artwork, whiteboards, etc.  Designate at least one wall to displays related to your lesson plans and showcasing your students’ work.

If you have enough space, try to create distinct areas – both formal and informal – within the classroom.  For instance, designate a quiet reading area and add personal touches, such as bean bags, rugs and throw pillows.  Or, build a small learning or multimedia center with a small table and a few chairs near your supply area.
Give your classroom a fresh look every month by decorating around seasonal activities and holiday observances.  You can also use each theme as an opportunity to empower students by letting them help decide how the classroom looks, which brings us to …
Your students also spend a lot of time in the classroom, so it pays to make them feel at home, too.  Get their input for decorating ideas.  Encourage them to bring in a plant, favorite pillow, poster or wall decoration.  Consider devoting one wall to a “creative” space where they can post graffiti.
Pinterest is a great resource for finding ways to add more personal touches to your classroom. We encourage you to check out our Pinterest page, branch out from there and pin your favorite ideas to your board for future reference.

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